5 Reasons Why This Floaty Is On Everyone's Summer Wishlist πŸŽ‰ 

Here are the top 5 reasons why people are finally ditching the terrifying flat tubes and saving money by switching to the most comfortable floating bed ever for sunbathing, featuring a comfy neck support pillow.

1. All in One Pool Bed!

Sunlight is a great way to get your daily dose of vitamin D. Also, spending time in the sun increases your body's production of serotonin, the feel-good hormone.

Use the TanningTub as a floater or turn it into a standalone pool by filling water and setting it up in your backyard. This multipurpose and multifunctional pool bed can be used in water or poured with water to host a pool party, to create a ball pit pool for your children, or to spend quality time alone. Enjoy each of these perks with a single purchase.

2. Make Your Summers Stress-Free and Refreshing!

After a long day, slipping into the pool is the best escape from the rigors of life. People with no pools near them should remove their worries now. Just buy the TanningTub! With a comfortable pillow, you can use the inflatable pool bed as a standalone water pool in addition to floaty. Set it in your yard, fill it with water, and lay inside with your favorite drink as it holds for you. 

3. A Fantastic Ball Pit for Kids!

Don’t push your children to watch cartoons for the whole Sunday. Grab this inflatable multi-purpose water pool bed and make their vacations full of fun. Its ribbed base is made of heavy-duty thick, soft, and premium raft-grade, non-phthalates material. So it is safe for your children to jump inside. You can use this indoors during winter as a ball pit for kids. This modern version is perfect for that, and it comes in distinctive multi colors to suit every aesthetic. 

4. Enjoy the Sunshine Without Wearing Yourself Out!

Make incredible moments out of the hot summers! Take a sunbath without getting overheated or exhausted. Simply choose our ergonomically designed, comfortable pool bed, which supports neck rest, backrest, and leg rests. Its High-quality UV-resistant vinyl controls overheating and maintains a constant temperature. You may remove the top design to keep you and your lounge cool while enjoying the sun.

5. A Perfect Water Buddy!

Finding the best waterproof swimming mattress for the beach or pool can be challenging. The airtightness, leakproof faucet, and portability of this TanningTub make it a must-have. It ensures that nothing will leak out.

Lie on the bed and enjoy a safe and comfortable swim! The integrated pad eyes and grab line maximize the stability. You're free to cruise for as long as you like. You can fold it into a small package and put it anywhere you want.

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