People worldwide are switching to removable curtain movers after getting frustrated with fixed motorized drapes!

1. Make Your Interior Decor More Captivating!

Cast a spell, like Harry’s wand! Move your big curtains without touching them. It will give your room an exquisite and enchanting look. Utilize SmartCurtain, an automatic moving device for casting spells. Hang it on the rail behind the curtains, making it invisible you can use a remote or the Android app on your phone to open or close your curtains at your fingertips.

2. Leisurely to Operate!

Moving the giant-size heavy curtains is no more a tiring task! If you are busy watching your favorite movie in the evening or doing some office work, interrupting your focus to slide the curtains must be irritating. Pick our wireless SmartCurtain according to your rail design, set it quickly, and it can easily be operated via handheld remote, wall switch, smartphone, tablet, and voice command. This system allows you to program and schedule your curtains remotely or nearby from the comfort of your couch, bed, desk, or anywhere else.

3. Easy Accessibility for Tweaking the Curtains!

Put aside the hassle of moving your long, heavy curtains every morning and evening! Don’t exert yourself anymore by pulling and tugging heavy curtains; instead, put your hands on SmartCurtain, and you no longer have to worry about adjusting the curtains on your hard-to-reach windows.

4. A Simple Tug to Make the Heavy Curtain Move!

Do you have naughty children at home, Who always make the remotes for your smart devices invisible? No longer any worries! Because the remote is not the only way of curtain adjustment. A simple pull on the fabric will cause the track to open or close. 

In addition, this ingenious Curtain Mover allows you to set a timer as easily as selecting the alarm, saving you the trouble of hunting down the remote control. Using this timer setting, you can have your curtains automatically close at night and open in the morning.

5. No Effort Is Required to Charge It!

Fueling a chargeable device is a time-taking procedure. The SmartCurtain comes with a heavy energy-saving capacity battery. You can continuously use it for 8 whole months after one recharge. 

Furthermore, If you don’t want to put it down for power filling, attach a small solar panel facing the window, and it will automatically charge up for non-stop movement.

Marvelous Product!

"I love these streamlined design mini robots that swap my bedroom curtains for me in the morning and close them in the evening without any irritating noise. Using modern automatic technology, SmartCurtain has made my home a remarkable space."

Marie R.

Smooth Movement!

"I bought 2 sets for my two windows. The installation was much easier than expected as there was no need for nails or screws for fitting. I love its silent and smooth movement without any shakes or breaks. Overall, it is Love!"

Ashley K.

Diligent Minions!

"Moving my heavy curtains was an annoying and tiring thing for me. When I saw this curtain-moving gadget, I thought of some cute minions busy moving around, so I bought them for all 5 of my windows. The features I adore are tug movement and a solar panel for an automatic charge. It's no longer a strenuous task to switch out all 10 curtains because of these obedient minions."

Karolina T.

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