People worldwide are switching to the MotoMount after getting frustrated with other unstable, perilous Phone holders for Bikes.

1. Keep Your Phone Accessible on the Go!

Frequent mobile phone use for texting or searching for information while riding results in a crash/fall. Make your phone more accessible by getting our MotoMount, moving your phone from your pocket to your bike's front handlebar, and following the turn-by-turn navigation directions. 

You may check your calls and message notifications without using your hands. Having its protective cover, bumpy roads, or bad weather is no longer an issue.

2. Firm Grip for Maximum Holding Power!

Keep your iPhone or smartphone from falling! Forget about cheap phone mounts with shaky grips. Put your hands on the MotoMount, built to last and maintain a firm grip.

Unlike old rubber mounts that deteriorate over time, this sturdy holder is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and a CNC machined challenging material that can withstand changing weather conditions. Regardless of the terrain, your iPhone will be secure without bulky lanyards, straps, bands, or magnets.

3. One-Hand Instant Lock And Release!

It wasn’t easier to safely place your smartphone on the bike handle. Now you can attach your phone firmly and easily to your bike. As soon as you position your phone on the mount and turn it 90° clockwise, it locks shut in A FRACTION OF ONE SECOND! A simple twist is enough to lock in one motion to attach your iPhone to your motorcycle or scooter to view GPS navigation as you ride.

4. Protect Your Phone From an Unfriendly Climate!

Secure your valuable smartphone during adventure time. Use the weather cover to gain extra protection for your phone from rain, mud, sweat, extreme weather conditions, and extra impact resistance. This is the only universal bike phone mount with a sizable waterproof case.

5. Safely Mount Your Phone Anywhere on the Bar or Stem!

The performance of your phone camera system may suffer; when you expose your iPhone to significant amplitude vibrations within specified frequency ranges, particularly those produced by powerful motorcycle engines. 

Avoid risky phone usage while riding your bike. Use the MotoMount, position your phone on the bracket or stem, and twist it 90 degrees counterclockwise. You may fasten any SP Connect smartphone Case to the holder safely. 

Extremely Helpful!

Instead of trying to cram my phone into my narrow pocket and hope it stays there securely, I am now using this phone holder while I ride! It is beneficial because I don't have to make multiple stops to check my phone. I've given these as gifts to my cyclist friends and it's thumbs up all around.

Jim M. US

Exceeded Expectations!

This strong and potent phone holder is worthy of every penny! I used it for 4 days of adventurous rides, and it still works flawlessly. I am just speechless as it exceeds my expectations.

Brian K. NL

Safe and Stable!

MotoMount has made my life easier because I can now neatly hang my second crush, my iPhone, with my first addiction. When I ride, this reliable and secure mobile holder stays constant. Even when riding across rugged, steep terrain, it secures my phone to my bike.

Mark T. UK

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